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TMI Control Plus offers you a proactive & concrete training session in our facility or in your premises. Our engineers share together  true experience in the electronic sector and a perfect knowledge of your manufacturing tools.

Those training session will soon become an essential tool for the management of competencies inside your team.

Les formations couvrent les domaines suivants :     
    - Utilisation
    - Programmation
    - Maintenance
    - Dépannage
    - Process




We undertake the material checking & complete installation of your equipment at site, in strict compliance with the manufacturer installation manual and your HSE specifications.

Our assignment includes the alignment, the start-up & calibration of the equipment.

We also aim to assist you for the start of production and the various adjustments needed for a smooth & efficient manufacturing process.



Relocation of SMT manufacturing lines             

We can handle the moving of SMT production lines as a turnkey package including the dismantling of the machines, clamping and loading of equipment inside the truck, inland & overseas tranportation with insurance, offloading, alignement of the machine on the new location and start up of the equipment in full compliance with the agreed schedule.

Sub-contracting your relocation operations will ensure you a perfect fullfilement of manufacturer's specification during the moving operations, and ensure the sustainability of your SMT line.




We are pleased to support you to analyse your problem and repair your equipment from 8:30 am up to 6:30 pm from monday to wednesday (+332

After a first check is done we will transfer you to the apprpriate technical expert who will help you to clear up your problem.

If it happens that the failure is pretty much complex or serious, we remain at your disposal for an urgent servicing at your facility.