Maintenance & After Sales




Our highly skilled & experienced team of engineers is servicing you during the working hours for any maintenance at site.

We can send you an engineer in France, Europe & North Africa with a 48 hours advice.

Feel free to contact us should you have any question.


Urgent Repair & Maintenance

We handle the urgent breakdown maintenance and the repair of all your SMT equipments in our facilty or more commonly at your manufacturing site.

After a first check over the phone, we bring with us the potential deffective parts to maximize the operation at site and to reduce costs.

We commit to send you an engineer within 48 hours.

Preventive Maintenance Contract

Thanks to our experience in the field of SMT & conventional line, our team of engineers is in a position to bring you a complete audit of your line and offer you a solution to ensure a perfect maintenance of your equipments.
Upon request we will be pleased to offer you a preventive maintenance contract.

Such a maintenance contract will ensure you a high reliability of your production line and will avoid unexpected production breakdown.                                   

After Sales

We ensure the maintenance of the equipment which are under contractual guarantee period.

We strongly recommend to suscribe a preventive maintenance contract right after the equipment is delivered as possible defects resulting from a bad maintenance of the equipments are not covered by the contractual guarantee. 


Hot Line

 +33 2 40 65 50 42