YAMAHA Total Line Solution for your Intelligent Factory

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YCP10 : high-performance compact printer

Printing quality similar to flagship models thanks to it automaticaly adjusts squeegee angle (3S Swing Single Squeegee) and its stencil clamping enhanced by vacuum.

Make detailed print inspections with a dedicated inspection camera offering a wide field of view and excellent resolution.

Handle large PCB's L 510 mm x W 460 mm

YSi SP : inspection machine SPI 3D

Solder paste inspection SPI in 3D.

The machine is able to inspect in 3D solder paste printed on you electronic PCB's. 

A closed loop system with the printer machine allows to correct the possible printing offset and to order an automatic stencil cleaning action in case the stencil has blocked apertures. The equipment can combine 2D and 3D inspection.  

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YSM20 : High-efficiency modular pick & place machine

Modular thanks to its configuration with one or two beams, world's fastest in its class  (up to 90,000 components / hour).

The HM high-speed multi-purpose head (10 nozzles) is made for high-speed mounting and versatility supports from ultra-tiny chips of 0.3 mm x 0.15 mm to large-size components of 45 mm x 100 mm and height of 15 mm.

The FM flexible multi-purpose head (5 nozzles) handles components from ultra-tiny chips of 0.3 mm x 0.15 mm to ultra-large components of 55 mm x 100 mm and tall components of heights up to 28 mm.

I-Pulse S20 : flexible and modular pick & place machine

Flexible and modular pick and place for SMD and Hybrid application (3D MID).

The machine is able to place SMD component from 0201mm up to 120x90mm and with a capacity of 180 feeders makes the equipment flexible and reliable.

The pick & place is able to produce board length up to 1830mm. We have the possibiliy to install a dispense head as option.

The equipment S20 has the capacity to make 3D MID (Dispense solder paste + Mounting device SMD).

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Ysi V : inspection machine AOI 3D

Automatic optical inspection AOI in 3D.

Équipement compact et rapide pour le contrôle optique 2D et 3D de vos cartes électroniques.

Fast and compact equipment to control in 2D and 3D you electronic PCB's.
The YSi-V has a high resolution up to 7 microns combined with high colored 12Mp. 

The complete visual system consists in 4 angular camera + 1 vertical Camera. The machine YSi-V has the possibility to have a closed loop system with Yamaha Pick and Place machine (See QA-Option).


Fours de refusions premium

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Inline Vacuum Reflow soldering: prooven vacuum technology since 2009

Void-free soldering is a basic requirement in the high-performance electronics, SMT offers an unique solution on the market.

The vacuum process starts after the melting process in the peak area through an in-line transports system in the vacuum chamber.

By using vacuum the voids of the solder joint are drawn and the assembly is subsequently moved to the cooling zone.

Coating & Curing

Product range High Temperature systems: the extensive range of SMT products offers exactly the right solution for your specific requirements.

All HTT systems guarantee perfect heat transfer, outstanding energy efficiency and optimum process reliability. A unique condensation trap system helps to have fast and easy maintenance.

1 lane to 5-lanes, unidirectional or bidirectional, inlet & outlet extension, accelerator belt, stop function, interfaces.


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