SYSTRONIC - Nettoyage ecrans sérigraphie type CL 422 occasion (104190)

Cleaning machine for stencils & screens

- Vintage : 2015
- Dimensions : 1765 x 870 x 2140 mm (L x l x H)
- Weight : 650 Kg
- SS support frame & housings
- Automatic cleaning, rinsing & drying.
- Max. dimensions of stencil or screen : 800 x 800 mm (L x l)
- Programing interface with touch screen Beijer Electronics
- Hermetic cleaning hamber
. Dimensions : 1300 x 400 x 1300 mm (L x l x H)
. Saftey lathing door
- Cleaning unit via rotating spray arms in a losed loop ircuit
- 1 centrifugal pump for cleaning
- 1 entrig=fugal pump for rinsing
- 1 storage tank for cleaning product
- 1 storage tank for rinsing product
- 1 20 µm filter on the clening loop
- 1 10 µm filter on the rinsing loop
- 1 eternal pump for filling in
- Convection drying via heated air and onnection possibility to the exhaustion
- 1 outlet Ø 160 mm air exhaust (500 m3/hour)
- Mitsubishi FX3G-40M PLC controled
- 1 start-up buton with light
- 1 start-up cycle buton with light
- Front ircuit-breaker
- Air inlet : 6 bars
- Power inlet : 400 Volts (3P+N+T)


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Thorough check-up of the equipment before complete refurbishment in our workshop, carried out by a highly skilled team, eventually tested before release & shippment

Installed in your factory

Material release, setting on the SMT line and start-up of the equipment carried out by a skilled & experienced engineer. We can also assist you during the start-up of production.

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User training, programming & maintenance training ensured by a skilled engineer


All products are guaranteed to ensure the continuity of production, similar to what you would expect from a brand new equipment


We offer a quick turnkey solution which will safeguard your capex capability for other invests

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Preventive annual maintenance to guarantee your production continuity and significantly decrease the maintenance cost of your SMT production line