TMI team

Hervé Le Métayer - President & CEO

Master degree in electrical engineering, passionated by technology its leitmotiv is "Human first" and he follows this leading motivation everyday while he remains fully dedicated to serve his customers.

"Technology, Maintainability, Improvement" (TMI) is our baseline to help you driving your production

Jérôme Clouet - Sales Director

Avid runner, he is the sprinter of the team

Former Yamaha Sales Manager, Jérôme has a perfect understanding of your production constraints and will help you to finalize your projects.

Aurélie Bertorelle - Executive Assistant

Hard worker with an assertive character, she does not compromise to meet her comitments.

She will support you in all your demands related to administration & logistics

Jean-Yves Piberne - Sales Manager

He enjoys life and will solve any conflict inside the team.

His seniority in the business will ensure you to have a highly skilled engineer for any demand related to conveyors, reflow ovens and wave soldering machine.. 


Michel Leray - Workshop Manager

Senior Engineer & Outstanding professional 

He is our specialist of Europlacer products and will solve your problems wherever related to hardware or software.

He is strongly committed in his responsibilty of senior advisor to train the new members of our team.

Ali Itrisso - Maintenance Engineer

Greedy learner, you will be surprised by this wise engineer.

Ali is an expert of automation & programming, and he is very familiar with all brands of printers.

Adrien Aubert - Maintenance Engineer

Esthete above all, he might invite you to taste his cooking made from his vegetable garden.

Adrien is our expert for Yamaha brand, he is your main contact for any hardware or software problem.

Steven Horeau - Technical Manager

Fan of music, this enthusiatic DJ will bring you to his musical world.

Steven is your primary contact for any demand related to after sales and will guide you to our most skilled expert who will answer your questions.

Yann Chupin  - Maintenance Engineer

Proud biker during the week, tough racer during the week-end!

In addition to his rare skills on radial & axial insertion THT machines, he is our expert for any tigh mechanical problem you might encounter, and he perfectly knows all brands of solder wave machines.